Custom Mint Tins Personalized for Your Special Event


Offering custom mint tins, personalized for your special event is a great way to provide a keepsake that people will enjoy and hold on to. There’s something about a sturdy little mint tin that everyone just loves. Fill it with delicious, sugar-free peppermint candies and add a cute colorful design, and you’ve got yourself a great little keepsake.

Special Events Ideal for Custom Mint Tins

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As a manufacturer of custom mint tins, Worthy gets all kinds of customers for all kinds of orders. We take orders for wedding favors, engagement announcements, and thank you gifts for wedding showers. We see a lot of orders for birthday parties, anniversaries and retirement celebrations. “It’s a boy” and “it’s a girl” gender reveals are also popular events for custom mint tins. All year long, we also receive orders for trade show booth giveaways as a promotional product. The point is, custom mint tins are a tried-and-true gift that fits a lot of different occasions. If you’re looking for something reliable, quality and not gimmicky—custom mint tins are a safe bet every time.

Quality Matters

NBA Boston Celtics large custom mint tins.

Nobody wants a dinky little mint tin. You want something that people hold up and say, “This is cute,” or “This is nice.” We also want them to say, “I love these mints!” Well, eat ‘em up, because they’re sugar free. To be honest, offering you a sturdy mint tin and scrumptious mints is just the beginning. We know you expect the product to be great. But the printing and design have to be great too. It needs to look professional.

Frankly, anyone can say their product is quality. But we have proof. Our mint tins actually have a huge fan base. The custom mint tins we use for your order are the same mint tins we make and sell for the NCAA, NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB and other major brands.

Direct Printing on the Custom Mint Tin Lid (Not a Sticker)

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Our commercial grade printers literally print directly onto the mint tin lid in full color with high quality ink. When you get one of our mint tins in your hands, you can see for yourself that the full color design is going to look great for years to come. Go ahead, take your fingernail and scratch the design. You will not even leave a mark. The ink is super durable and colorful.

Custom Mint Tins Product Details

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Custom Worthy Promo offers two sizes of custom mint tins.

large custom mint tins available at

Our small mint tins weigh 0.65 oz and measure about 2.4 inches wide by 2.0 inches tall and 0.55 inches thick. They are filled with about 85 small, sugar-free peppermint candies.

Our large mint tins weigh 2 oz and measure about 3.9 inches wide by 2.5 inches tall and 0.75 inches thick. This tin is slightly smaller than a standard playing card. They are filled with about 265 small, sugar-free peppermint candies.

Free Design Assistance

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The first part of making a custom mint tin look professional is providing a quality print job on each tin. The second part is equally important: the design. Many of our clients have a vision or an idea for a design, but that’s it—no art. No problem. Just tell our design team what you have in mind and we’ll create something custom for you. And we don’t go to print until you give final approval.

Fast Turnaround Time (3 to 5 Business Days)

Most of our custom mint tins orders can be designed, printed, filled and shipped within 3 to 5 business days. And with them shipping from within the United States, that makes for a must faster turnaround time than the industry standard.

Family-Owned, Made in the USA

The Worthy Promotional Products headquarters is located in Eclectic, Alabama. You can feel good knowing you’re supporting a family owned business in the USA.

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