How 9 Students Raised More than $700 in 1 Week!


The robot dance will never go out of style, and the Robotics Club at Elmore County High School in Eclectic, Alabama was probably cutting a rug when they saw how fast they were able to raise more than $700 in one week with no upfront costs. With 50 percent margins, the club’s take-home was more than $350.

High School Fundraising Flyer Eclectic High School

How’d they do that? It started with the Robotics Club sponsor, Lakeisha Ray, choosing a few of Worthy Promo’s top-selling items to customize with the school’s logo. She picked a nail care set featuring the school’s team colors along with a custom nail file, as well as a hair brush, several candles, and a 3-pack of magnetic picture frames. It was just enough items to fill up one side of a full-color flyer (provided at no extra cost by Worthy Promo).

Each student was given a full-color flyer and an order form. For just one week, they took orders and payments and turned them in to Worthy Promo. Within a week, Worthy manufactured all of the items and the Robotics Team was able to deliver their orders back to their customers. Super easy.

“The top fundraising student sold 14 units.”

At first glance, you might say, “Well, obviously one student was really good at sales. Most students don’t go sell 14 units in a few days.” In total, nine students sold 39 units. That’s an average of 4.33 units per student. Not bad!

So what’s their secret? They’re selling products that people want. And how do we know that? Because these students are selling the same products that Worthy Promo sells to thousands of fans for Major League Baseball, the NCAA, NFL, NHL and other major brands.

Put your school logo on the same products we sell for pro leagues.

“Quality products already proven to sell in retail makes Worthy items easy to sell for students.”

Lakeisha Ray, the science teacher in charge of this excited group of robotics prodigies, told us, “My kids sold for a week at the most. I’ll do it again at the beginning of next year. Everyone is excited about the candles.”

Congratulations to Elmore County High School Robotics Club for engaging with people and getting some experience with direct sales. That’s an important skill for everyone to have. And of course, great job on raising more than $350 for your cause!

Softball and Baseball Season is On Deck

Worthy Promo is pleased to announce two new products for our lineup, and they’re perfect for fundraising. Especially for softball and baseball teams. Our new unisex bracelet features distinctive red stitches and showcases your team’s insignia.

In addition to these premium, and very popular, bracelets, Worthy Promo is also launching custom hair ties featuring the popular anti-crease design and knotted end.

Share Your High School Fundraising Goals with Worthy Promo

Worthy Promo would like to set up a custom fundraising program for your school. We’ll help you select the best products for your objective, create custom color flyers and order forms, and make it extra easy for your team to place and receive orders. At 50 percent margins.

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