How to Create Customized Scented Candles with Your Logo


How to create custom scented candles with your logo

Put Your Logo on Premium Customized Scented Candles

Customized scented candles are extremely popular for a simple reason. Because people love, love, love candles. Whether you give them away for free as a promotional product, as a corporate gift or sell them as private label products, candles are a great way to go. But as you know, not all candles are created equal.

You want customized scented candles you can brag on.

Custom Candles with Wood Wick. Personalized Label and Lid. 8 oz Soy

Of course you don’t want to brag on your brand, but you will want to brag on your candles. That’s why Worthy has carefully created customizable candles that are packed with features that your clients and customers will love. Keep reading to find out why.

Soy wax candles are very popular.

Soy’s greatest advantage is that it is completely renewable. While the global reserves of oil shrink and paraffin prices increase, the only limit to the soy supply is how much we choose to grow.
100 Percent All Natural Soy Bean Wax from Worthy Promotional Products candles are made with soy wax, which is very eco-friendly, easy to clean up if the hot wax spills, and it’s non-toxic. Our soy wax candles are made from US grown soy beans, and they are American made. Pride in made in America products is on the rise and most companies nowadays want to be able to say their products are “green” or “eco-friendly” or “environmentally friendly.”

Our customized scented candles smell amazing.

Our list of custom scented candles is always growing. First, we launched with the most popular and most requested scents, like vanilla, linen, citrus and peach. And now, we’re releasing our designer scents. You’ll see descriptions for them all, listed below. You can tell we’re excited about each one, just by reading the them.

As for the quality of the scents, we spend a lot of time carefully balancing each scent with just the right amount of aroma ratio to wax. If you’re not a candle snob, you might not have heard the terms “hot throw” and “cold throw.” Basically, our candles smell great whether they’re lit or not. We also make sure that when your candle is lit, the scent fills the room with a deliciously pleasant aroma, but not too strong.

Quietly crackling wooden wick.

Booster Wick Travel Tin Personalized Customized Candles

Perhaps one of the most mesmerizing features of our candles is our patented, quietly crackling wooden wick. It has a booster wick added (that little extra piece of wood right in the middle of the wick) to help keep the wick burning consistently and evenly. The booster wick creates a very subtle crackling sound that you can only hear if you listen carefully in a quiet room, or if you’re a few feet away from the candle when it’s burning. It’s downright soothing to the soul, similar to the soothing effect of moving water such as a trickling creek or small fountain.

Wick care tip: for best product performance, remove burnt portion of wooden wick each time before lighting.

Made by hand at a family owned business in the USA.

Each candle we sell is made by hand, poured in small batches at our own facility in Alabama. Each batch of candles we make is created according to a carefully balanced formula that includes using US-grown soy bean wax and the perfect mix of scent. We even have a special method to the way we pour the wax into each container. These truly are premium candles.

Types of Customized Scented Candles Available in Bulk at Wholesale Prices offers several candle sizes. Our two most popular candle sizes are the 8 oz candle with wood lid, and the 5.8 oz travel tin candle. Both provide two customizable labels that can feature your logo or design as well as a separate message (side of the candle and the lid).

8 oz Soy Wax Candle with Wood Lid and Quietly Crackling Wooden Wick

MLB New York Yankees 8 oz Candle with Soy Wax and Wood Wick

This premium candle features a glass container with flared bottom and the label on the side that features full color printing on craft paper similar to a wine label. The lid is made of real wood with a seal for a snug fit, and includes your design or message printed in full color directly on the woodgrain (not a sticker). Choose one design for the side and a separate design or message for the lid at no extra charge. Measures 3.5 inches at the base by 4.5 inches tall.

5.8 oz Travel Tin Candle with Metal Lid and Quietly Crackling Wooden Wick

This candle is popular because of its portability. Take it with you on the go to add a cozy scent to any room. Each travel tin is made from sturdy metal and features a quality, vinyl sticker that shows vibrant color and is scratch resistant. The lid fits firmly in place and also features a circular vinyl label on top. You can choose one design for the side and a second design or message for the lid at no extra charge. Measures 3 inches wide by 2 inches tall.

Soy Wax Candle Scents Available at

Question. When’s the last time you were entertained by a candle description?

Custom scented candles, Balsam Fir scent, at
Custom scented candles, Black Cherry Merlot scent, at
Custom scented candles, Citrus scent, at
Custom scented candles, Cotton Candy scent, at
Custom scented candles, Lavender Linen scent, at
Custom scented candles, Lemon Cookie scent, at
Custom scented candles, Meadow Showers, at
Custom scented candles, Sweet Peach scent, at
Custom scented candles, 'Tis the Season scent, at
Custom scented candles, Vanilla Balsam scent, at
Custom scented candles, Vanilla Birthday Cake scent, at

2 Ways to Make Custom Scented Candles.

You Can Do It, Or We Can Do It For You.

Customize it yourself. Use the “CUSTOMIZE” button to upload your image, add to cart and check out. We’ll email you a proof, so you can give final approval before we go to print.

Let us design custom labels for you. Just add to cart, and at the bottom of the “checkout” page tell us in the “optional notes” section what you want us to design. Be as detailed as possible. We’ll create something custom for you and email you a proof for feedback and final approval.

About is a branch of Worthy Promotional Products ( We are a family owned small business that has grown quickly since 2007 to become the nation’s largest manufacturer and supplier of sports licensed personal care products, with more than 800 team licenses. offers the same quality products we sell for the NCAA, NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, MiLB and other major brands as custom products for businesses. And we offer those quality products with extremely low minimums. So you know you’re getting quality products that people will love, and if they’re buying those products, they’ll be coming back for more. Custom scented candles is one of our fastest growing categories.

How to Customize Anything

How to Let Us Create Your Custom Label


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