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If you’re researching how to print custom stickers, you’re in the right place. Here, we’ll cover all of the details related to custom stickers and what features you should expect from high quality vinyl stickers.

Big picture, Custom Worthy Promo’s standard price includes full color on 8×10 inch sticker sheets, featuring premium vinyl that is water resistant and scratch resistant. How much do custom stickers cost? We print 8×10 inch sticker sheets for $2.86 a sheet, plus shipping. Minimum order is 50 sticker sheets. And there’s no extra charge for die cut or kiss cut custom stickers. Our turnaround time is 3-5 business days. Now let’s get into the details.

What is the Difference Between Die Cut Stickers and Kiss Cut Stickers?

Interestingly, out there in the world full of normal people, there is little or no difference between the terms “die cut sticker” and “kiss cut sticker.” The two terms are often used interchangeably. In fact, many people who are searching for and buying what they call “die cut stickers” are actually “kiss cut stickers.” Custom Worthy Promo does both BTW.

Sticky Factoid:

Custom Worthy Promo does not charge a die cut fee.

Die Cut Stickers are custom-size stickers (the sticker is the same shape as the design) and are cut individually. So, technically, if you order 1,000 die cut stickers, you would get a stack of 1,000 individual stickers. However, many people using the term “die cut stickers” actually mean “kiss cut stickers.”

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Kiss Cut Stickers are most commonly seen on stickers sheets. Whether the sticker sheet is full of the same sticker or a variety of stickers, each sticker is peeled off the sheet. Pretty much all sticker sheets you’ve seen your whole life are kiss cut sticker sheets. Why do they call it a “kiss cut sticker”? The cutter blade only cuts the vinyl, but not the base sheet. So the blade only “kisses” the paper. Custom Worthy Promo offers die cut stickers and kiss cut stickers at no extra charge.

Multiple Uses for Custom Stickers

Custom stickers are used for a variety of reasons. Some companies like to turn their logo into a custom sticker so they can get better brand exposure. Customers and clients who love your brand may want to proudly display your brand where others can see. Ever see an Apple (white bitten apple) on the back of a car? Or maybe a Disney princess character on a notebook? Stickers are a fun way for proponents of your brand to show their support. Custom stickers can also be used to drive awareness for an event or increase awareness for a cause. And sometimes, custom stickers can be used for custom labels, such as names of players on a team. Stickers on a snowboard, laptop, window, notebook—it’s practically unlimited. And that’s why custom stickers will always be popular.

How to Make Your Own Custom Stickers (Don’t Worry, We Can Help)

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Free Design Assistance

Sometimes, you want to make your own sticker, but you don’t have the art yet. You just have an idea. No problem. Custom Worthy Promo offers free design assistance. Simply tell us what you want, we’ll design it and send it to you for feedback. When it’s perfect, we go to print. Easy as that, and there’s no charge for this Custom Worthy Promo service.

To Print Custom Stickers Online, Quality Matters. Go with the Pros.

You want references? No problem. We’re proud to report that we do custom sticker printing for the NCAA, NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB and other major corporate brands. If the stickers we print are good enough for pro teams, college fans and household brands, we’re confident you’ll be very satisfied with the custom stickers we print for you.

Now, when looking for custom stickers online, you might be looking for the cheapest sticker. If that’s the case, you’ll find a real price war out there. But you should know generally speaking, the cheaper the price, the cheaper the sticker. For people who want custom stickers online that are high quality, price still matters, but it has to look great first. At $2.86 per 8×10 inch custom sticker sheet (plus shipping) you’ll get the following with Custom Worthy Promo.

8×10 Inch Sticker Sheet

This is the standard size for sticker sheets. Our designer will work with you to fit as many custom stickers on the sheet as possible. Minimum order is 50 sticker sheets for just $2.86 a sheet, plus shipping.


DPI stands for Dots Per Inch and PPI stands for Pixels Per Inch. Both are a measurement of resolution. Our commercial printers are capable of printing up to 300 DPI/PPI which is very detailed and allows for rich, complicated colors. You should know that if you’re pulling an image off of the Internet, it is likely to be 72 DPI, so try to get the original file as opposed to grabbing an image directly from your web browser.

Die Cut/Kiss Cut Included

Need individual stickers cut out in any shape? Yes, we do that. Want a sticker sheet full of custom-shaped stickers that you can peel right off the sheet? We can do that too. And with Custom Worthy Promo, both die cut and kiss cut are included in the price; no extra charge.

Photo Quality

Because of our premium vinyl, commercial quality printers and 300 DPI/PPI capabilities, we are able to print photos as stickers, and they look great. Maybe it’s a head shot of someone important, or a food shot, or an animal. Whatever it is, if it’s a great picture (in focus and quality DPI) then it’ll look great as a sticker.

Sticky Factoid:

Custom Worthy Promo always includes full color printing at no extra charge.

Scratch Resistant & Water Resistant

You’ll notice several things about all of the custom stickers we print. They’re all rich in color, and slightly glossy or shiny. That’s because we use a quality laminate to trap and preserve the ink between the substrate and the laminate. That’s fancy terms for saying that our stickers look fantastic, and because of the laminate, they’re scratch and water resistant. That comes standard with everything we print.

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Print Custom Stickers Made in the USA

Nowadays, a lot of American companies prefer do business other American companies. Custom Worthy Promo is a family owned business and we take pride in sourcing about 95% of our materials right here in the USA. Because “Made in the USA” is important to us to be able to say. Also, made in the US products means faster ship time for you.

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About Custom Worthy Promo

Custom Worthy Promo is a marketing arm of Worthy Promotional Products (AKA Worthy Promo). Founded in 2007, this family owned business has quickly grown to become the nation’s #1 manufacturer and supplier of sports licensed personal care products. Each year, Worthy Promo continues to add more products to their catalog, expanding beyond personal care products into soy wax candles, jewelry, magnetic picture frames and more. Many of these items require a quality vinyl sticker that showcases the team’s logo in vibrant, accurate team colors. Custom Worthy Promo uses the same technology to produce custom stickers for private customers, large and small.

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