Top 3 Custom Hand Sanitizer Promo Products


Top 3 Custom Hand Sanitizer Promo Products

So, you’re researching custom hand sanitizer for promotional or private label purposes. Definitely a good move. People love a quality hand sanitizer, and they love free stuff, so you’re already ahead of the game. Speaking of games, you might be asking what qualifies to speak about this topic with expertise. That’s a fair question.

Custom Hand Sanitizer Gel from is a part of Worthy Promotional Products. We’re a family owned business that has grown since 2007 to become the nation’s largest manufacturer and supplier of personal care products for the sports licensing industry. That’s fancy talk for saying we’re licensed to sell a wide range of products for the NCAA, NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, MiLB and other major household brands. We sell hand sanitizer for them all. If you go to a college sporting event in a stadium, or NFL, or an NBA game in an arena, or a pro baseball game, there’s a very good chance you’ll see our products for sale in the team gift store, and on their website, and at kiosks, gas stations, grocery stores, big box retailers, Amazon. What’s the number one reason we’ve made it this far? We only carry quality products that keep people coming back.

Custom Hand Sanitizer Spray Pen from

Personal care products are our bread and butter, and custom hand sanitizer products are a huge part of that. So we’d like to share our experience and insight when it comes to using custom hand sanitizer products for promotional and private label purposes.

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In this article, we’re going to cover why custom hand sanitizer is a great promotional product and private label product. We’ll reveal some of the key features that people like in a hand sanitizer. You’ll see three different products we sell in the custom hand sanitizer category. You’ll learn two easy ways to get your custom hand sanitizer personalized for your business or cause. And at the bottom, you’ll see links to each of our products in case you want to learn more and place an order.

The Biggest Benefit of a Hand Sanitizer is Convenience

Custom Hand Sanitizer is the way to go for convenience + promo.

There are a lot of germaphobes out there and they buy hand sanitizer because they have to. While the rest of us might not have a bonafide phobia, we can all agree we don’t want to get sick or the cooties. We’ve been told to wash our hands often during flu season, but a clean sink and soap aren’t always available, especially if we’re in a rush. That’s why so many people love hand sanitizer. At Worthy, we have a saying. “Because germs are everywhere, and sinks aren’t.” Nothing truer has ever been said, and this is the main reason hand sanitizer sells like hotcakes.

Why Custom Hand Sanitizer is a Great Promotional Product

People appreciate a giveaway product they’re actually going to use. Hand sanitizer falls into a unique category of things people may or may not buy, but will almost certainly use–maybe even several times a day. If your logo or design is on it, each use is an “impression” in terms of advertising. You’ll find most people will accept it if you’re giving it away, and many people will thank you for giving them something useful. For these reasons, custom hand sanitizer as a promotional product is always a win.

Why Custom Hand Sanitizer is a Great Private Label Product

“Worldwide markets are poised to achieve continuing growth as Hand Sanitizers proves its value by lowering the risk of infection. Increasing ease of use and a choice of delivery modes are key benefits.”



As you can see from the chart above, private label hand sanitizer has accounted for the highest billing category in 2019 with 118.1 million in sales revenue. Hand sanitizer is a proven retail item, particularly as a point-of-sale product. It is an impulse buy and it’s also on a lot of weekly shopping lists. People buy it in bulk and in small containers, keeping sanitizer at their home, office, in the car, purse, backpack. It’s everywhere. Which is also exactly where you want your brand to be.

Quality hand sanitizer generates repeat business too. The people who use it a lot have certain features they’re usually looking for. We see excellent repeat business with our hand sanitizer products in sports licensing because we understand what people want. It’s one of our top sellers, along with lip balm, sunscreen and mint tins.

Key Product Features for Hand Sanitizer

We have learned that shoppers want several key features in their hand sanitizer:

  • Shoppers want sanitizer that kills 99.9% of germs
  • Shoppers want sanitizer with moisturizer to make their skin feel great
  • Shoppers want sanitizer that smells good or non-scented (not a strong alcohol scent)
  • Shoppers want a convenient size for travel, pocket size, and/or clipable

Top 3 Best Custom Hand Sanitizer Promotional Products:

Hand Sanitizer Gel with Clipable Design

Our hand sanitizer gel kills 99.9% of germs, comes in a 1.5 oz clipable bottle that’s airline approved travel size, includes aloe vera for moisturizing and features a fresh linen scent. Oh, and it has vitamin E for healthy skin.

Hand Sanitizer Spray Pen with Clipable Cap

This is a popular gizmo, especially as a gift for men who like gadgets. Our hand sanitizer spray is pen-shaped, fits easily into a pocket and includes a clipable cap. It kills 99.9% of germs and has a pleasant, subtle melon scent, and has aloe vera for moisturizing.

Personalized Sanitizer Hand Wipes Custom Labels Business Promotional Products

Pocket-Size Hand Sanitizer Wipes for Skin and Surfaces

Use these alcohol-free wipes on your hands, skin or to sanitize surfaces such as a countertop or stadium seat. Ideal for use before, during and after eating. The package is pocket-sized for convenience. Kills 99.9% of germs, has aloe vera for moisturizing and is non-scented.

2 Ways to Customize with

Our customizer makes it so easy. Just upload your own image and place your order. If you have any requests or special directions, just add them in the notes section at the bottom of the checkout page. We’ll send you a proof to approve before we go to print.

Have an idea, but no art? No problem. offers free design assistance. Just add your product to the cart and check out At the bottom of the checkout page you’ll see a section for notes. Just tell us what you’re envisioning for your design and our design team will create something custom for you. Then we’ll email your design to get your feedback and approval. It’s a cinch.

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