Citronella Candle with Wood Wick, 5.8 oz Soy Personalized


  • + Personalized Candle Tins with Two Custom Labels Per Tin (Side and Lid)
  • + Quietly Crackling Wood Wick Featuring Patented Booster Wick for Steady, Even Burning
  • + 5.8 Oz Citronella All-Natural Soy Wax is Biodegradable and Eco-Friendly
  • + 20 Hour Burn Time
  • + Portable Design Makes It Easy to Cover Candle with Lid After Extinguishing
  • + Ideal for Wedding Favors, Corporate Gifts, Party Favors, Special Events
  • + Full Color Always Included, No Setup Fee
  • + Copyright Limitations, Right to Refuse Service Laws Apply
  • + Made in the USA
  • + Turnaround Time is Typically 3-5 Business Days
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1 - 99 $7.20
100 - 249 5.97 % $6.77
250 - 499 7.92 % $6.63
500 - 999 9.72 % $6.50
1,000+ 11.53 % $6.37

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This candle belongs outdoors, where you want to be, and where the bugs are. Or should we say, where the bugs aren’t. The citronella oil in this soy wax candle acts as an insect repellent agent, making your time in the wild more relaxing thanks to less buzzing in your ear. Light this candle to cut back on swatting, slapping, blowing, and dodging unwelcome guests. It features two different labels (one on the side of the candle tin, and one on the candle lid) to help your brand stand out. Also, check out our other soy wax wood wick candles including our custom candles 8 oz with wood lid, our personalized candles 6 oz option, and our wedding favor candles 5.8 oz travel tin.

Personalizing Your Citronella Candle Tin Is So Easy

These personalized candle tins look so good with two different full color labels on them (one label on the side and one label on the lid). If you know exactly what you want for both, then great. Just use the “customize” button to upload your image and text for both labels and check out. There is no extra charge for this design service.

We’ll email you the art for both labels to get your final approval and then go to print.

Complimentary Design Assistance for Your Citronella Candle

We do find that some customers need a little extra help from our design team to get the labels looking really good. If that’s the case, just set the quantity, add to cart and check out. On the “Checkout” page, use the “Order notes” section at the bottom of the page to explain what you’re thinking for the labels. Our design team will create something professional for you. Then we’ll email your candle designs, including the side label and the lid label, for your feedback or approval. Once you approve, then we go to print.

Personalized Citronella Candle Tin Product Details

The container is a sturdy, round silver tin with a tin lid.

The custom label prints on slightly textured craft paper for both the side of the tin and the lid.

Our quietly crackling wood wick features a patented booster wick which helps the candle burn steadily and evenly.

Our soy wax is made from soy beans grown on farms here in the USA. It’s organic, environmentally friendly and biodegradable. The citronella oil acts an an insect repellent agent.

Worthy personalized candle tins are available in several scents including linen, lavender linen, vanilla, and citrus.

Burn time is 20+ hours.

Our personalized candle tins are hand-poured in small batches, made at Worthy in the USA.

Standing Out with Wedding Favors, Corporate Gifts, Event Gifts

Forget those dinky little candle tins with a cotton wick. These candles are levels above that. Impress your guests with enchanting aromas and the delightful flicker of a quietly crackling wood wick that really sets the mood. You’ll love the space you have to showcase your messaging with rich colors on craft paper labels. The portability of these candles, using the lid to quickly secure an extinguished candle, makes this a popular item. You may also like our personalized bug spray with all-natural ingredients including citronella oil.


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